Why Have A PetSafe Automatic Feeder?

dogs waitingThe better question to ask may be, “Why Not?” I would bet that at one time or another you have found yourself away from home when your pets are expecting to be fed.

Had to stay late at work, your son’s baseball game has gone to extra innings, traffic jams, flat tire, etc. Not your fault, but your pet is hungry!

Why not eliminate this worry once and for all? Have you considered an automatic feeder? If not, I encourage you to read the rest of this article and discover the truths of one of the best, the PetSafe Automatic Feeder.


6 Amazing Benefits Of The PetSafe Automatic Feeder

Before I get into the number and styles of the automatic feeder, let’s first take a look at the benefits associated with this product.

  1. To take complete control of when your pet (dog or cat) eats by simply using your smartphone. Still stuck at work? Traffic jam? Simply push a button on your smartphone to release your pet’s meal. Customization. 6AM , Noon, 6PM (You decide)

  2. To decide on how much food your pet should be served. Each pet is unique in their feeding habits and you man on smartphonenow have the freedom to choose which volume is appropriate for your pet. Great way to manage your pet’s weight.

  3. To easily clean. Dishwasher safe which makes cleaning an easy task.

  4. To add a number of cups of food to the hopper (styles will differ in amount of volume) so you don’t have to worry about running out of your pet’s favorite recipe.

  5. Quality product – pet owners all over the globe trust and use the PetSafe automatic feeder.

  6. To provide a healthier lifestyle to your pets.


Slacker’s Guide To Types Of The PetSafe Automatic Feeders

For your convenience, I have used and researched various types of the PetSafe Automatic Feeders. I did this so you wouldn’t have to and detail a number of these feeders below. Keep in mind that these feeders can be used by dogs and cats. Which type is best for you? There are a number of great choices below:

1. PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder with Stainless Steel Bowl, Holds Dry Dog and Cat Food


*Features and Details*

  • The hopper in this products can hold up to 24 cups of your pet’s favorite dry food.

  • Able to schedule up to 12 meals to meet the specific needs of your pet.

  • One option, the Slow Speed will disperse the dry food over a 15 minute period to keep your pet from gulping down the meal. This is important to the digestive system and help to keep your pet from bloating and vomiting.

  • Cleaning is a breeze.

  • Powered with 4 D-cell alkaline batteries

  • Free shipping

  • Where To Buy: Click Here For Details


2. PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder, Smartphone, 24-Cups, Wi-Fi Enabled App for iPhone and Android



*Features and Details*

  • Schedule your dog or cat with a specific time by simply using your smartphone. 

  • Program your pet’s meal up to 12 times. You are in control of when to feed your pet with a push of a button.

  • The Slow Speed option will allow you to disperse the food slowly, over a 15 minute period. 

  • Power adaptor included with this product as well. Products works on batteries with 4 D-cell alkaline as the power source.

  • Hassle-free cleaning.

  • Easy and quick set-up.

  • Free shipping

  • Where To Buy: Click Here For Details


3. PetSafe Six Meal Automatic Pet Feeder, Dispenses Cat and Dog Food, Battery Powered Digital Clock, LCD Screen Display


*Features and Details*

  • This particular product is less expensive than the other two products listed above, but still serves as a viable option in the automatic feeder arena.

  • Allows you to schedule up to 6 pre-portioned meals whether you are home or away from the house. 

  • The carousel automatically turns and drops your pet’s food with a quality dispenser and lid that keeps your pet from taking food without your permission. Each slot allows up to 1 cup of dry or semi-moist pet food.

  • Product contains a digital clock and LCD display that makes setting up feeding time a simple task.

  • Battery powered

  • Easy to clean

  • Free shipping

  • Where To Buy: Click Here For Details


What Are Things To Consider?

Any of the three products mentioned above will definitely serve your needs. The PetSafe Automatic Feeders are ones that have been trusted by pet owners for years in the feeding of their dogs and cats. I would suggest, before purchasing, that you consider the following items:

  • Your pet(s) consumption of food is mainly one of the dry recipes. Although the PetSafe feeders mentioned benefitsabove can disperse some forms of moist food, they are better equipped to handle the dry form.

  • Your pet(s) could benefit from being on a controlled proportion of food. This is especially important for those pet owners who may have a dog/cat who may be on the ‘chubby’ side and could afford to lose a little weight.

  • If cost is an issue. These automatic feeders can be somewhat expensive and may not be affordable to some.

  • The number of pets you have in your household. Aggressive pets may try to control the dispersed bowl of food leaving nothing for the others.


In Conclusion

Well, I certainly hope that this article has given you further insight on the automatic feeders. My goal in writing this article was to give you some details regarding the PetSafe brand and to get you acquainted with three various types. Which one you choose should be based entirely on your and your pets needs.

I have used the PetSafe Automatic Feeder (#1 above) with my own dogs and have had great results with it. Setting up a schedule with this feeder is quite simple (7:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 5:30 PM works best with my dogs) and I feel confident that they are receiving the right portions with each meal. 

If you should have any further questions, feel free to do so by leaving a comment below. You may also want to check out the links I left for you above after each product and check out the customer reviews with each product. Thanks for visiting my site and make sure to come back as I will continually update my site with helpful information. The best to you and your pets!

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