The PetSafe Bark Collar: One For Every Size

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Oh, that annoying, constant barking! We all have been there, with our four-legged companion making enough noise to wake the dead and getting on our very last nerve! We yell and scream for our pet to be quiet but nothing seems to stop that annoying bark. If this scenario sounds familiar and one that you would like to change, the PetSafe Bark Collar may be what you are looking for.


Bark…, Bark…, Bark…: Why So Much Barking?

Look, for us to believe that our precious pet should never bark is just unreasonable. As a dog owner myself, I expect and want my pet to bark under certain conditions. As we know, our dogs are smart and have an unique ability to let us know when something just seems out of the norm. An unwanted visitor to our home as an example.

Keep in mind that dogs bark for a number of reasons which may or may not be acceptable as dog owners. Here is a list of some of those conditions in which barking becomes almost natural. See how many of these apply to you and your pet.




  • Territorial – Our dogs are quite familiar and secure in their surroundings and anything that disrupts this comfort will result in barking. This is our pet’s way of saying, “Who or what are you, and what are you doing in my backyard?”

  • Boredom – Leave your dog alone long enough and they will eventually let you know through barking. Most, if not all dogs, seek and want attention and without it will express their displeasure. (Separation Anxiety)

  • Greeting – Some dogs actually will bark excessively when someone they are familiar with enters the home. This bark is actually one of excitement and joy which tends to stop in just a minute or so.

Obviously, there are other triggers that will entice barking, so as a pet owner you must decide which ones are acceptable and which to eliminate. This is where the PetSafe Bark Collar comes in, so let’s take a closer look at this popular collar below.


The PetSafe Bark Collar: 4 To Choose From

One of the things I like about the PetSafe Barking Collar, besides its popularity, is the options they offer to dog owners. PetSafe offers four different collars that provides you with the best option for your pet. Let’s take a look at these four collars now, all provided with the PetSafe brand.


1. Elite Little Dog Bark CollarCan be used for dogs up to 55 pounds with a safe but productive ‘static’ correction. As unwanted barking continues, the levels of ‘static’ correction will safely increase to reduce or eliminate excessive barking. This product detects sound (bark) and vibrations that are only associated with your dog. Water-resistant, with 10 levels of static stimulation that can correct unwanted barking in just a few days.


bark collar


petsafe dog bark collar


2. Elite Big Dog Bark CollarMade for the big dogs, 40 pounds and up. Same fantastic features as the Elite Little Dog Bark Collar but constructed with the bigger dog in mind (Pounds and Neck Size.) Can fit neck sizes up to 28 inches. Static correction and Waterproof to use indoors as well as outdoors.


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3. Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar – Get rid of that excessive barking with this collar designed for the little dog. With a gentle and safe mist of spray, your pooch will quickly be reminded when excessive barking is unwanted. Suitable for dogs up to 55 pounds with a neck size of 20 inches. The consistent, unpleasant spray from the collar when barking provides immediate feedback to your pooch, making training quite easy. Receive 400 to 500 sprays per can.



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4. Elite Big Dog Spray Bark CollarOffers the same features as the Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar but designed with the larger dog in mind. Ideal for dogs 40 pounds and up and fits up to 28 inches in neck size. The spray omitted from the collar is unpleasant for dogs, but safe, helping to stop unwanted barking. Waterproof to train inside and out.


big dog elite collar

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I certainly hoped you have learned and discovered something new regarding the PetSafe Bark Collars. Whether you are the proud owner of a small or large dog, PetSafe has a bark collar that will fit your needs. The four collars mentioned above are used by dog owners throughout the world and ones you can trust.

Please feel free to click on each one above if you should have other questions. I have supplied you with a place to purchase these collars as well, so I truly hope this will be beneficial to you as well. You can also look into the PetSafe Wireless Fence by simply clicking here. Good luck to you in getting your pet to stop the unwanted barking, and getting some peace! Trust the PetSafe brand, and find out how easy it is to train your dog from the excessive barking!


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