Shhhh… Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of A Self Cleaning Litter Box?

catsDo you ever get the feeling that our cats are somewhat amused when they watch us clean out the litter box? We feed them, buy them toys and catnip, and in return, they leave us a stinky mess to clean up. It’s not their fault after all, but wouldn’t it be nice to find a better way? Something less messy?

Fortunately for us, there are a number of self cleaning litter box products on the market today and one that is popular and affordable. Look, cleaning out our cat’s litter box will never be enjoyable, so why not use the current technology to make this task more tolerable?




How You Will Benefit From The Self Cleaning Litter Box

I am sure you love your cat and have opened up your heart and home to provide your pet with the best life possible. Good for you, well-done! Why not reward yourself a little by taking out one of the dirty tasks that is impossible to ignore. Just like us, our cats need to poop and pee which can become pretty smelly and messy. What if I were to show you a way that would eliminate both of these issues?

A self cleaning litter box will benefit you, as a pet owner, in a number of ways. Just think about the many things that you dislike when cleaning your current litter box, and then take a look at what a self cleaning box can do for you. Here is a sample of just a few of the benefits:

  • Keeping your hands free from that disgusting litter box scoop. No need for a scoop with a self cleaning litter box.

  • The cost of litter. The good litter will no longer be scooped up with the soiled litter which will save you a lot of money in cost.

  • Rakes waste into a isolated compartment that reduces and eliminates unwanted odor.

  • Disposable litter trays that makes cleaning a snap.

  • Travel: With the self cleaning product, feel free to take a nice weekend vacation without worrying about the litter box.

  • Ideal for a household with multiple cats. Be sure to choose a model that can include multiple cats.

  • Your cat(s) will be happier as well. Doing their business in a clean box will benefit them as well. 




A Few Disadvantages Of The Self Cleaning Litter Box

In my opinion, there are just a couple of disadvantages of owning your own self cleaning box, but both of these will ultimately benefit you long term. Let’s take a look at a couple of items to be considered before purchasing this product:

  • Initial Cost: Not cheap, but affordable, will pay for itself with the reduction of cost associated with litter.

  • Can be noisy, and may take some time for your cat(s) to get acclimated to the noise.  


A Hidden Message That My Wife Never Knew

To be perfectly honest, I married into a ‘cat’ family. I didn’t marry until late in life (my 50’s) and was always a dog person and owner. I really didn’t have much use for cats and never owned one myself. When I went to pick up my date (now my wife) for the first time, she welcomed me into her house and watched two cats run down the hallway to their hiding place under the bed. 

catsAs we continued to date and fell in love, I avoided the topic of cats as much as possible. I truly loved this woman and I knew one of two things were going to happen: 1.) I had to accept the fact that the lady I wanted to marry loved her cats unconditionally and this was a package deal, or 2.) Walk away from her and her cats. 

Well, seven years later, I am happy to say that we have a great marriage and now have three cats in the household that I truly adore. I didn’t know they could bring so much joy to my life! The one constant task that we hated was the cleaning of the nasty litter box. This all changed with the help of the self cleaning litter box!


My Recommendation: One We Use And Trust

As mentioned above, the wife and myself have three cats in the house, all with different personalities and habits. To be honest, the wife became more and more exhausted with the daily cleaning of the litter boxes and I got worn out running to our local pet store and bringing home the heavy and expensive boxes of litter.

This routine went on for years before we decided to give the self cleaning litter box a try. The only regret we had was not trying and using the self cleaning box sooner. It changed everything for us, freeing up time and eliminating the constant cleaning and running to the pet store. Throughout the years, we tried a few of these self cleaning boxes but have decided that one specific product meets our demands and have been using it for the last couple of years. Here’s my recommendation:


** The PetSafe ScoopFree Original Self-Cleaning Litter Box **


This specific product has been in our home for the last two years and has paid huge benefits to us and our cats. I have great trust in the PetSafe brand and have used a number of their products throughout the years with both my dogs and cats. The self cleaning litter box has a number of features that you will enjoy including some of the following:

  1. Will furnish you a number of weeks of pleasantly clean litter without the stress of cleaning or refilling.

  2. Composed of crystals that eliminate urine and feces odors.

  3. Forget about scooping, just dispose of the litter tray and toss it in the trash.

  4. Non-tracking litter will keep your floors clean and void of any messes.

  5. As a cat owner, relieves the stress of worrying about the litter box.

  6. Reliable, trusted company.

  7. Free shipping


For Your Convenience

I hope this article has provided some insight into the self cleaning litter box and will help you to make an educated decision when considering this product. As I mentioned earlier, the PetSafe product is one that we have used in our household, and one that has benefited us in a number of ways.

Do yourself a favor, and give this product a further look by clicking on the button below. I wish you and your cats the best!




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