PetSafe Wireless Fence: Expanding Possibilities


What Is The PetSafe Wireless Fence?


wireless fenceThe PetSafe Wireless Fence is an invisible form for a fence that creates a containment area for your pets. So far, this wireless fence remains the safest, simplest, and most reliable form of containment you can ever find for your pets. 


All you need is to plug the transmitter somewhere at the center of your house and set the diameter of the containment you want. This device, together with the receiver, emits a radio signal that your dog receives when it tries to move beyond this containment. 


With this modern technology, you can finally bid farewell to the traditional pet fencing and wired containment that involves physical installation of barricades to restrict your pets’ movement. This new innovation promotes a hands-free way of restricting your pets’ movement. 


It is easy to set up and the training period is typically easy and hassle-free. More so, this device is collapsible and you can take it anywhere you go with your dog. 


How Does The PetSafe Wireless Fence Work?


The PetSafe Wireless Fence pack contains some components that work together to achieve the purpose. These components are:

  • Transmitter & adapter

  • Receiver collar & battery

  • 50 Boundary/training flags dog and girl

  • Test light tool for testing the system and collar

  • Operating and training guide

  • Other necessary parts (mounting bracket, short and long probes, probe wrench, etc.)

Generally, the device produces a 180° circular containment for your pet. The receiver collar on the neck of your dog produces a signal whenever your dog tries to move out of this containment. This receiver collar weighs about 8 pounds which means little or no burden to the neck of your dog. 


Whenever your dog moves outside this containment, the transmitter knows due to the receiver collar on your dog’s neck and then sends a mild static correction to enable it to return to the containment. This signal is like running your feet across the carpet and then touching a doorknob. It is not painful to your dog at all. 


What Are The Benefits Of Using PetSafe Wireless Fence?


benefitsThe PetSafe Wireless Fence gives pet owners a lot of advantage when it comes to monitoring and restricting the movement of their pets. Some of the basic benefits include quick installation, adjustable collar settings, trusted reliability, portability, and so much more. 


Perhaps, the top benefit of using the PetSafe Wireless Fence is that you don’t have to bury or plant any wire in your yard. Thus, you can save yourself the stress and energy while maintaining the gorgeous landscape and terrace of your yard. No tools, wire or expertise is needed to set it up.


Furthermore, PetSafe Wireless Fence offers an easy way to change your containment size depending on your requirements. If you are traveling, for instance, you may want to reduce the containment to enable your dog to stay in reach and within the home. If otherwise required, you can increase the diameter to taste. You can do all these by just turning the knob on your transmitter. Pretty easy, huh?

How Do You Install A PetSafe Wireless Fence?


Now that you have purchased the device, the next is to learn how to install it in your yard. The PetSafe Wireless Fence is simple, easy, and quick to install. You can easily set your wireless fence up in less than 5 minutes. 


1.) Unpack your device and you should see the components listed above. As said earlier, the transmitter produces a 180° containment and thus, you should place it at the center of your yard or where you want your pet to have its freedom.

2.) When choosing a location for your transmitter, make sure the place is well-ventilated and the temperature does not drop below the freezing point. You can choose to place your transmitter freely on shelve or install it on the wall. However, make sure the position has a distance of at least, 2 – 4 feet above the ground level and 3 feet away from any large metallic object. 

3.) Next, plug your transmitter, set the boundary to high and the boundary control to 8 or any other figure. Now, take your receiver collar and test it with the light tool. Make sure your battery is tightly placed. An illumination on the test tool is a sign that the receiver is working perfectly. Make sure you change the battery often in order to keep the device in a maximum working condition. 

4.) Now, take your receiver collar and walk away from your transmitter. The spot where you get a sound from the transmitter marks the end of your containment. Not satisfied with the distance? You can easily reduce or increase the diameter by simply adjusting the boundary control on your transmitter. Also, walk around your yard to find out the containment limit and plant the flag (packed with the gadget) for training purposes. 


As you can see, installing and setting up the PetSafe Wireless Fence is easy, fast, and hassle-free and can be completed typically in a few minutes. 


How To Train Your Dogs Within The Containment


Now that you have installed the PetSafe Wireless Fence, the next is to train your pets to stay within this containment. The joy of the training is to make it fun for your pet. You can practice this training about 15 – 30 minutes every day for 1 – 2 weeks.

Place the receiver collar on the neck of your pet and take it to the field. Allow the pet to work freely to the boundary and then draw it away as soon as the signal prompts. Reward your dog each time. Try this several times at different flag positions. 

In the other days of the training, try to initiate a chase by throwing a substance off the containment area. If your pet refuses to chase after it and return upon reaching the containment area, praise and reward it with some food. 

By doing this, you are training your pet to return whenever it reaches the extreme of the containment area and the signal prompts from the receiver collar. If the training is successful, you can then consider removing the flags after about 3 weeks. 


PetSafe Wireless Fence offers an easy, convenient, and hassle-free way to create a containment area for your pet. You don’t need to bury or plant any wire to create a boundary. This technology also eliminates the traditional fence and barricade system of restricting the movement of your pet. You only need to install the transmitter at the center of your yard and set the containment diameter to your desired taste.

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