PetSafe Dog Doors: How Much Do You Know?

Before I get into depth regarding the PetSafe Dog Doors, let me let you in on a little ‘secret.’ Some of you will be able to identify with this little secret while others may not. Truth is, when I am actively engaged with something like watching a good movie, playing cards, paying bills, etc., I do not like to be interrupted!




Sound like you? How many times have you been involved with one of these activities or another, only to have your four-legged companion stare you down signaling that it is time for a ‘potty’ break? So up you get, finding the leash to take your dog a walk, or opening up the back door to let your pet outside.


Now don’t get me wrong, just like you, I love my dog and will do anything possible to make sure she is safe, healthy and happy. To be honest, I have one of those dogs that loves to be outdoors and run after anything that moves. Is there a way to make both of us happy? The answer to this question is a big YES, and here is how to do it!

Dog Doors: You Should Be Happy, If …


Let’s look a few scenarios where you should NEVER consider a pet door under any circumstances.

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  1. You enjoy being interrupted from doing something you enjoy (Watching television, reading the newspaper, etc.)

  2. You enjoy getting up from the couch and taking your dog a walk in the rain or temperatures in the teens.

  3. You are entertained by the ‘yapping’ of your dog waiting for you to get up and grab the dog leash.

  4. You enjoy getting out of the bed in the middle of the night to let your pooch out to do their business.

If any of these four scenarios are ones that you find enjoyable then I would recommend you exit this page immediately. For those who find these scenarios annoying and frustrating, stay with me here. I have some good news for you.


PetSafe Dog Doors: Which One Is Best For You?

Look, we all live in different locations throughout the world, various types of housing with different types of dogs. Small dogs, big dogs and some in between. Big houses, small houses, some with fenced yards and others with invisible fences. The good news in regards to these variations is the PetSafe brand that offers a number of options.


The PetSafe Dog Door is one that is trusted by thousands of pet owners throughout the world and one that you should consider as well. For your convenience, I have listed a number of PetSafe Dog Doors below to assist you in finding just the right one for you and your pet.


1.) PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door


This particular dog door gives you the convenience of installing it in an exterior or interior wall within your household. Other features include:


  • 3 Sizes (Small, Medium, Large)

  • Sturdy, Safe Aluminum Frame

  • Two Replaceable Flaps To Keep Out Weather Conditions

  • Slide-In Closing Panel To Control Your Pet’s Access

  • Easy Installation – Easily Installs Into Siding, Brick and Stucco (Easy To Follow Instructions Included)

  • For Dogs and Cats

  • Free Shipping






2.) PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor


This electronic pet door is the next best thing to handing a key to your pet with gives them total independence in coming and going. It is regulated with radio-frequency technology (SmartKey) that responds to a specific signal worn on your pet’s collar. As a result, this signal triggers the flap on the door to open and automatically closes and locks when the signal is no longer detected by the pet’s SmartKey. Other features include:


  • The SmartDoor offers three programmable options (Entry, Exit, Auto-Locking)

  • Security where your pet wearing the SmartKey is the only one who can enter or exit through the door

  • Can be used with multiple pets up to five SmartKeys

  • Battery Operated

  • Designed for interior and exterior doors

  • Free Shipping

  • For Dogs and Cats





3.) PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Sliding Pet Door

This door will gives your pet the luxury of coming and going as it pleases. Made of heavy-duty aluminum, shatter-resistant, with tempered safety glass. Protective seal that keeps out the unwanted heat and cold. Other features include:

  • This door is energy efficient with a flexible flap that uses a magnetic device to keep the flap in place

  • Excellent choice for condos and apartments

  • Available in 5 sizes (Small, Medium, Large, Large-Tall, XLarge)

  • Can be used for dogs or cats

  • Free Shipping





As you can see, the PetSafe brand offers a number of pet doors that will suit your needs. Why not treat yourself and purchase a pet door to give your pet the independence and freedom to do their business outdoors? With PetSafe you can have the confidence that your pet will be safe and secure as pet owners throughout the world have realized.

In this article, I have given you a number of options as well as describing various features of each product. I truly hope this information will be helpful to you as a pet owner. Giving your the pet the independence to come and go from the backyard is well worth the cost for you and your pet. I wish you the best in your search!

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