PetSafe Collars: 6 Types That You Should Consider

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Finding a reliable and trustworthy receiver collar for your pets should be important to you. We all want to feel confident that when we open the backdoor to let our pets outside that they will return without worry. Thousands upon thousands of pet owners have put their trust in the PetSafe Collars for a number of reasons. Let’s examine this a bit more closely.


PetSafe Collars: Did You Know?

It can become quite confusing when considering which type of collar would provide the biggest benefits to your pet, so I am writing this article to hopefully help you with this confusion. Here are the types of collars that the PetSafe Company offers and definitely ones to consider. Let’s take a look:


  1. Bark Collarsdog barking

  2. In-Ground Fence Collars

  3. Wireless Fence Collars

  4. Remote Training Collars

  5. Martingale Collars and Safety Collars

  6. Pawz Away Pet Proofing Collars



-Bark CollarsDoes the unwanted barking of your dog get on your last nerve? If so, you may want to consider the PetSafe Bark Collar that actually adjusts to 15 levels of safe, static correction. As your dog learns to bark less, the correction levels within the collar are diminished and reduced. Safe and effective!

-In-Ground Fence Collars – The In-Ground Fence Collar comes with 4 various levels of static correction as well as a tone only mode for the training of your pet. This collar will quickly recharge in 2 to 3 hours with a life of 2 months after being fully charged. Waterproof as well.

-Wireless Fence Collars –  PetSafe manufactures a number of Wireless Fence Collars that are compatible with many of the wireless containment systems. Produces a number of levels of correction which makes training that more easy to do. Waterproof and lightweight.

-Remote Training Collars – The PetSafe Remote Training Collars are available in a number of options to meet your dog’s personality. Simply press a button to get your dog’s attention from yards away. Easily train two dogs at one time. Waterproof and rechargeable.

-Martingale Collars and Safety Collars – Great alternative to the choke collar. Available in a number of collars and sizes. Made of sturdy nylon.

-Pawz Away Pet Proofing Collars – These collars allow you to protect items within your household from pets. This collar will keep your dog away from such things as furniture, trash cans, and other places you want safe. Safe to your pets which trains your pet to stay away from areas you want protected.


Would One Of These Collars Be Beneficial To You?


questionThe answer to this question really comes down to your needs as a pet owner. Like us, every dog is unique and requires different needs. As pet owners, we all enjoy the luxury of having choices when choosing the appropriate collar for our dogs, and the PetSafe brand doesn’t disappoint.

Whether you dog is small breed, medium breed, or large breed, PetSafe offers a number of collars that will fit their needs. You must also consider the specific needs you may have as the primary pet owner to decide which collar is appropriate. Looking to train your dog from barking? Stay away from furniture? Keep your pet contained within the backyard? Safety?

As a dog owner, you will be able to achieve one or all of these goals with the proper collar. Specific collars to complete these tasks were mentioned above with a brief description of each, so please take this information to help you decide which type of collar is best for you.


Looking To Buy? 

For your convenience, I have listed a number of products below that hopefully assist you in finding a specific collar. All of the products listed below are from PetSafe, a brand that is trusted by dog owners throughout the world. I truly hope that you have found this article to be informative and one that has assisted you in finding the best collar for that adorable pooch!

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