DrinkWell Pet Water Fountain: 5 Benefits You Need To Know

If your pets are not drinking enough water, and would like to see them increase their intake, you will want to read this article. And here’s why: Insufficient amount of water intake may lead to a number of health issues that can result in costly trips to your vet.


dog drinking water


Before I get into the PetSafe DrinkWell Platinum Cat and Dog Water Fountain Review, let’s first take a look at the benefits associated with the intake of water to your pets. Just like us, our cats and dogs require a certain amount of water consumption each day to ensure optimal health. Here are a few of the benefits associated with a pet water fountain:


5 Benefits Of Owning A Pet Water Fountain


  1. Keeping your pets hydrated. Our pets receive great health benefits from drinking clean, fresh water. (Kidneys, Urinary Tract, and overall well-being.)

  2. Our pets are attracted to ‘running’ water which increases their desire to drink more.

  3. The filter system with most pet water fountains captures any unwanted dirt, grime giving your pets a healthy, clean source of water.

  4. Allows busy pet owners to feel at ease when they are away from the home as the water fountain will still provide a healthy source of water.

  5. May lead to less visits to the vet as pets who are dehydrated will often develop health issues.

cat drinking waterAs you can see, pets who remain hydrated with fresh, clean water are much more inclined to lead healthy lives. So which pet water fountain is best for you? The answer really comes down to personal preference and you will find a number of these products on the market today.

The PetSafe DrinkWell Platinum Cat and Dog Water Fountain is the one that I use with my pets ( 3 cats, 1 dog) and one that I will get into with specific detail below. I will look at both the pros and cons associated with this product and do my best to provide you with specific details. Let’s give this product a look:



The PetSafe DrinkWell Platinum Cat and Dog Water Fountain

Think about it, do you think your pet(s) would rather drink water from a free flowing fountain that ensures a clean and healthy taste, or from a bowl that has sitting on the floor all day? You know the answer to this question so let’s take a closer look at a product that offers a healthy and clean intake of water:

The PetSafe DrinkWell Water Fountain is one of the most popular brands on the market today and is used by pet owners all over the world. Below are a number of details associated with this product that will provide you further information.

  1. Contains a large amount of water capacity (168 ounces)

  2. A carbon water filter that virtually eliminates unwanted particles of dust, dirt and grime.

  3. The constant movement of water entices your pet(s) to drink more.

  4. Comes with an ‘adjustable stream’ which allows you, as the pet owner, to customize the water flow.

  5. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.


Who Will Benefit From The DrinkWell Pet Water Fountain?

Okay, you have been informed of many of the details and features associated with this pet water fountain, but is this product right for you? As a user of this product myself, I can tell you that the PetSafe brand is one that caters to both cats and dogs having been around for a long time and one that is trusted by pet owners everywhere.

With that said, this specific product would be ideal for pet parents who have one or more pets in the household.dog drinking water Because of its large capacity to hold water, pet owners who may be away from the home for a weekend vacation have nothing to worry about. The water fountain will continue to provide a healthy source of water day in and day out.

Do you have pets that spend most of their time outside? If so, then this specific water fountain may be not be for you as it is intended for indoor use only. There are other pet water fountains on the market that can be used outdoors, but the DrinkWell fountain is not one of those.

Finally, the DrinkWell fountain can be used with both cats and dogs. There are specific fountains that cater only to cats or dogs, but this fountain can be used safely with a mixed number of cats and dogs within the household.


Cons: Things To Consider Before Buying The DrinkWell Fountain

  • Cost – Although not terribly expensive, pet owners on a tight budget may find the cost a burden ( In the $40 to $50 range)

  • Maintenance – Unit should be cleaned at least once every couple weeks

  • Pump may have to be replaced over time


I hope this quick review of the PetSafe DrinkWell Platinum Cat and Dog Water Fountain has provided some information to help you in the decision making process. With so many pet water fountains on the market today, finding one that you can trust can be a difficult task.

Keep in mind that these pet water fountain products can be found in a number of variations that will meet your pets needs. As a pet owner, always do your own research to find a quality, reputable product. The DrinkWell Platinum is one that I have chosen for my pets and has proven to be a quality product.


As I mentioned earlier, the DrinkWell pet fountain is one that I am using today, and one that has been good to me and my pets. It does require some minor cleaning now and then but nothing that takes much time. My pets are attracted to the running water and have noticed an increase in their water intake.

The initial cost of the product was one that was affordable to me so I decided to give it a try. To be honest, I did my fair share of researching various pet fountains before I decided on the DrinkWell Platinum. So far, so good! For your convenience, simply click here to check out this product and see what other owners of this product are saying. Best of luck to you and thank you for visiting my article!


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