Dog Harnesses For Small Dogs: 3 Surefire Options

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Why can’t your pet understand that you are taking them on a walk, and not the other way around? Our little guy continues to pull on us which eventually leads to an unpleasant experience, and our four-legged companion may find their walk time diminish quickly as a result. 


Don’t stop these walks! Your pet looks forward to these walks, so let’s look at an option to stop that annoying pulling. An option that works for both you and your pet!
Fortunately, there are a number of dog harnesses for small dogs on the market that will reduce or completely eliminate that ‘pulling’ and ‘dragging’ during our walks. Let’s face it, these little fellows although small in stature, can still be a force to reckon with.
Why Choose A Harness Over A Collar For The Little Guy?
Although our small dogs may only reach our knees in size, you should never underestimate their strength and power. These little guys can be feisty, and at times can be a handful! This can be especially apparent when we take them out for a walk with a collar attached to a leash.
We are enjoying the walk as much as our little four-legged companion when suddenly things take a change. Our dog spots a squirrel running across the street and lunges forward with all its strength to get at the squirrel. We instinctively pull back with the leash, jerking the little guy to get his attention. No big deal, right? Wrong!
** Benefits Of Choosing A Harness Over A Collar **
  •  Security  (For You and Your Pet) – That collar just can’t be trusted! How many times have you seen or heard stories where dogs are easily able to escape from the collar with just a few tugs or twists? Because the smaller dog has such a smaller neck than larger ones, this becomes a much larger possibility. Your pet gets loose, running down the street and panic takes over immediately! The harness eliminates this concern.
dog running`
  • Safety Just as important as security as it relates to our little guys, is safety. Whenever your small dog pulls and yanks on its leash and collar, and you instinctively pull back, there is a good chance that you may cause injury to your pet. With its small neck, a sudden jerk or pull on the leash may lead to an unwanted result.
The harness, when restraining your pet, allows the force of your pull to be centered around the chest area which is much more durable than the small neck. This alone, should make you consider the harness for obvious reasons.
Dog Harnesses For Small Dogs: Which One Is Right For You?
Okay, let’s assume for a minute that you have decided to purchase a harness for your small pet, and throw that dangerous collar into the trash. Great idea by the way! Are there different types of dog harnesses to choose from? Sizes? Absolutely!
A brand that I have used a lot over the years with my Corgis, and one that I trust is known as PetSafe. This specific brand has been around since 1991 and is considered to be one of the best by dog owners everywhere. Below are a number of small dog harnesses that you may wish to consider and all manufactured by the PetSafe brand.
1.) PetSafe Easy Walk Harness
The PetSafe Easy Walk Harness is a great choice with a safe and comfortable fit. The front-chest leash attachment actually helps to steer your little guy to the side giving you control of the walk. The chest strap, in case of a pull, enables the force to be directed to the chest area and away from the throat.
Sizes: Petite, Petite/Small, Small, Small/Medium, Medium, Medium/Large, Large, Extra Large
Where To Buy: Click Here For Details
**How To Measure Your Dog For A Proper Fit In 30 Seconds** 

2.) PetSafe 3 in 1 Harness
dog harnessThis harness manufactured by PetSafe will stop your dog from pulling and yanking with the martingale loop and front D-ring clip. Can be used in three different ways including, a standard back-clip, front clip, and a safety restraint option which limits the dog’s movement when riding in a car.
Easy to size with five adjustable points with tags that will show you where each strap should be placed. Great for those who enjoy running with their dogs with a reflective nylon which is visible to others as a safety measure.
Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large 
Where To Buy: Click Here For Details
** Take A Look At The 3 In 1 PetSafe Harness **
3.) PetSafe EasySport Harness 
If total dog comfort is something you are looking for, then the EasySport Harness may be for you. With the comfortable padding, this harness is ideal for the active and energetic dog. The snap buckles make it easy to quickly put on and remove the harness which is another great feature.
Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large
Where To Buy: Click Here For Details

In Conclusion
I hope you see the benefits associated with the dog harness and why you should consider one for your little pooch. Why take the risk of injuring your little guy with a quick tug or pull with the collar? The harness virtually eliminates this worry and gives you the comfort and security when walking your pet.
I have used the PetSafe product with my own dogs, and have complete trust with this brand. PetSafe has been around since 1991 and their products remain quite popular with pet owners all over the world. Only you can decide which harness meets your needs and I certainly hope the information provided above will help in the decision-making process.
Thanks for visiting my site, and please feel free to leave a comment below. Take care of that little guy!

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